Over the last 33 years, Sanghamitra School has blossomed into a vibrant family, welcoming 1800 students and 105 dedicated teachers into its fold. What stands out is our exceptional zero attrition rate among our teaching staff, a testament to their unwavering commitment to our educational goals.

Our teachers leverage technology effectively, employing Senses Smart Boards for improved classroom delivery, integrated audio-visual teaching tools, and efficient classroom management. These tools facilitate effective time management and are simple and easy to operate, enhancing the learning experience for both students and educators.

Quality and strong leadership are visible as teachers are motivated and guided to successfully convey the school’s goals and visions, collaborate to enhance their skills, and attend continuous professional development training to keep up with the changing learning patterns.


At Sanghamitra School, we believe in the importance of comprehensive assessment to gauge student progress and ensure academic excellence.

An important aspect of the teaching-learning process is Assessment. Apart from internal tests and exams, we also conduct activity-based assessments, group activities, and individual activities for an all-round assessment. We also hire the services of external agencies like Educational Initiatives, and Radius Edutech, who conduct Detailed Assessments. It is a diagnostic test for teachers to know where the misconceptions are and address the learning gaps.


Trust and confidence are at the crux of parent-teacher interaction. At Sanghamitra School, we prioritize open communication and collaboration between parents and teachers to support the holistic development of our students. Every assessment is followed by a Parent Teacher Meeting where positive, proactive feedback is encouraged and student progress and areas of improvement are shared. This feedback is followed by both parents and teachers.


Parents are also aware of the happenings in class and school through daily communication by teachers in the school application called Sanghamitra APP.

Regular communication related to class and school is shared through class WhatsApp groups. Sharing of information also happens through circulars in the Almanac. All the school happenings are regularly updated on the website.

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